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How to do Business on Amazon ? 2022

How to do Business on Amazon ? 2022


Amazon Business –  Amazon has been giving its service to the people for many years, due to which it has made a new identity and providing service to the people, as well as giving them the opportunity to earn money in view of the economic condition of the people. 
Many years ago Indian Market List was launched and also launched Associate Program for Product Seller on which a person can easily start Affiliate Marketing by creating an account. If we explain Affiliate Marketing to you very simply and with Hindi language, it is a way of doing business by which any person can earn by joining Affiliate Program.

There are 2 ways to do business on Amazon

Affiliate Marketing
Amazon Seller

If we say that the meaning of Affiliate Marketing is to earn commission by selling the product on Amazon online and at the same time Amazon Seller is the one who sells his product or goods by putting it on Amazon. Online Affiliate Program Shopping Site Like Amazon Flipkart Ebay Snapdeal And There Are Many Such E-commerce Affiliate Websites On Which We Can Do Business Talking About Amazon Company, Amazon Company Different Commission On Different Product gives.

This is Amazon. in Affiliate Marketing Program U.S. Same as Front but for Indians doing it on hefty commission on every product. 10% on Kindle Devices & eBooks, 4% on Consumer Electronics & Accessories, 2.5% on Mobile Phones, 4% on Mobile Accessories, 9% on Apparel & Shoes, Zero percent on Toys & Baby Products, 10% on Home & Kitchen and more is also

How To Start Business On Amazon

To start a business with Amazon, it is very important for us to have a website blog so that we can share the product by putting it on it, as well as promoting it on social media, there are two ways to start a business with Amazon. 

Affiliate Marketing Program Site List in India 

Apart from shopping websites like Amazon, there are many other online shopping websites on which we can start business by joining Affiliate Marketing and Seller.

  • Amazon Affiliate Program
  • Flipkart Affiliate Program
  • Snapdeal Affiliate Program
  • eBay Affiliate Program
  • Jabong Affiliate Program
  • Indiamart Affiliate Program
  • Infibeam Affiliate Program


All Affiliate Marketing Programs are sites that are sold online by putting them on the website, whose commission is around ₹ 1000, you get paid, you can promote on the website and social media to earn money from Affiliate Marketing.

Apart from this, earning can also be done from Seller which is completely different from Affiliate Marketing because in this the product should be your own and you can put that product on the shopping site in which the more you buy your product, the more you will get to earn. 

How to do Affiliate Marketing Online Business from Amazon?

A website has to be created to sell goods online on the Internet, after that the website gets a link to the product or HTML code from Amazon, which has to be added to the website, the way we write articles for blogs and get Google traffic from, so let’s go online from Amazon. We will know below about how to create an account to do business and what things we will need for this.

How to do business by becoming a seller on Amazon?

 Amazon is a famous e-commerce company that was created by Jeff Bezos in 1994, if you want to do business with Amazon, you want to sell your product through Amazon, then this post is for you. Will show you how to become an Amazon seller and sell your own product on Amazon.

You manufacture your product in large quantities, obviously they feel that they can get their product to as many people as possible. Another advantage of becoming a seller on Amazon is that you can sell your product not only in India but also in India. Can deliver to other countries also.

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