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How to Download Pan Card From Whatsapp ? 2022

How to Download Pan Card From Whatsapp ? 2022

Pan Card Download – We are giving information about how to download pan card from whatsapp. Are you also thinking of downloading PAN card from WhatsApp and you are not aware of it and you have come to this blog for the purpose of getting information. 

So we will not disappoint you and will give you information to download pan card from whatsapp in very short time. So friends, let’s go ahead so that you do not have any problem in understanding this post of ours and in no time you can download PAN card through WhatsApp by understanding this post of ours. Our Ministry of Electronics IT, Government of India has launched a new feature for WhatsApp users, for this MyGov has partnered with Messenger App WhatsApp. 
So that people can easily access DG Locker WhatsApp. With the help of this new facility made by the government, any person can easily download other documents like PAN card, driving license, result insurance through WhatsApp message only by messaging through WhatsApp. The main goal of this mygov help desk of the government is to make the work of government services accessible to the common man, simple and transparent.

How to Download Pan Card From Whatsapp

IT Ministry has brought mygov help desk on WhatsApp to make available and access all the documents stored in DG Locker on WhatsApp. Although earlier this help desk was known as mygov Corona Helpdesk which was prepared by the Government of India in the time of Corona in 2020.

MyGov Koruna Help Desk was started to enable people to get information to fight this corona pandemic. Using this helpdesk, consumers can easily book the vaccine and download the corona vaccine certificate. But now the government has also provided the facility of DG Locker in this initiative.

We simply mean to say that now you are using WhatsApp or you have to do WhatsApp message on just one number, you can easily download your government documents like PAN card, mark sheet, vehicle registration by messaging Huh. Let’s know. That how you can download pan card from whatsapp and what documents will be taken here if you download pan card through whatsapp.

What documents can you get pan card from whatsapp

1) PAN Card

2) Driving License

3) Marksheet of class X

4) Marksheet of class XII

5) Vehicle Registration (RC)

6) Two wheeler insurance policy

7) CBSE 10th Passing Certificate

8) Insurance Policy Documents

With the help of all these documents, we have given you information about all these documents, you can download PAN card.

1) Friends, first of all, you have to keep your account in DG Locker in advance, it is very important to have Aadhar card registered with any mobile number.

2) Aadhar link mobile number should be active with you and mygov helpdesk chatbot number +919013151515 you have to save this number in your mobile.

3) As you all know that on WhatsApp or any other platform all automatic feedback is done through bots. Mygov also provides the facility of Chat Vote on WhatsApp to access DigiLocker. To save any document through this chat vote, first the chat bot number has to be saved in the phone’s contact.

4) As we have told you that you have to save this number in the contact of your mobile, in which name you have saved this number. You have to do the same search in WhatsApp, if it is not found in the contact list, then refresh the WhatsApp contact.

5) Mygov I have to send you hello on Haldex number, after sending the message, you will get the reply of the chat vote, which service do you want to use. Cowin Service or DG Locker Services You have to opt for DG Locker Services or you have to message by typing DigiLocker instead of Direct Hi.

6) Now from here you will be asked some information such as do you have a Digilocker account, if you have a Digilocker account. So you have to click on Yes, if you do not have an account in Digi Locker then you have to create an account in Digi Locker.

7) Now you have to send 12 numbers of your Aadhar card here and you will get an OTP on the mobile number linked with Aadhar card, you have to send that OTP.

8) A message will be sent through the chat bot in which you have to send a write-up to download the documents of DG Locker, PAN Card will automatically download them. Click on If Document or Issue option to download other documents.

9) Now again a message will be sent to you in which type one to download PAN card and you will also be asked to download class 12 mark sheet. So for this you have to type 5 like this and you will be asked to type different numbers in the document, you have to type the same number and keep writing.

In this way you have downloaded your personal documents through the mobile number given by us, now you have accepted mygov help desk by 8 crore people and 3 point 3 crore people have also downloaded their vaccine certificates.

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